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Our team of seasoned professionals brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in geological exploration, resource estimation, project management, environmental compliance, and technical support.

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Emmanuel Addo Jr., PhD

Founder & CEO

  • Specialization: Resource Geologist &
  • Date of Birth: 27 may 1990
  • Education: New York University
  • Hobby: Footbal , Traveling

Emmanuel Addo Jr., PhD

Dr Addo Junior is a Resource Geologist & Geostatistician with experience spanning over 10 years in the gold and coal mining industry, specialising in open pits and underground mines in Ghana and Australia. In 2005, he was awarded an Honours Degree in Geological Engineering from the KNUST- School of Mines (now University of Mines and Technology), Ghana. He joined Gold Fields Ghana Graduate Training Program in the same year after completing his honours degree. He worked as a Mining and Exploration Geologist during his graduate traineeship. Dr Addo Junior worked fulltime as a Mining Geologist responsible for the Hydrothermal and Paleo-placer gold Pits of the mine, a role he occupied for 2 years.

He moved into a Senior Exploration Geologist role responsible for near mine exploration and building of structural & geological domains, a role he excelled in, which resulted in his promotion to a Resource Geologist role. Whilst working full time as a Resource Geologist, he earned a Master of Geology from the University of Ghana, Department of Geology. His thesis in Geostatistics and Resource Estimation of an old mine out pit was very useful in the feasibility studies for cutback for the mine. After almost 7 years working for Gold Fields Ghana, he was transferred to Gold Fields Australia to take up a role of a Project Geologist- Resources. After one year he joined Barrick Australia. He was re-called by Gold Fields to lead the Resource Modeling Team in Ghana, a position he held for a year before accepting an offer to pursue his Doctoral Studies in Spatial Modeling & Geostatistics.

Dr Addo Junior attained a PhD in Multivariate Spatial Modeling & Geostatistics at the University of Adelaide in July - 2019. His thesis, entitled “Multivariate Spatial Modeling of Geological and Geometallurgical Variables” sought to develop new methods to model complex geological and geometallurgical variables whilst honouring the spatial relationships of the variables. All manuscripts relating to his thesis have been published in top Geostatistics and Mining Journals. Dr Addo Junior worked for BHP Corporate Office in Perth - Australia as a consultant in Geostatistics just after completing his PhD studies. He was involved in all research and development work in the area of Geostatistics and Resource Modeling for the organisation. To add to his passion for Geostatistics and Resource Modeling, Dr Addo Junior loves spending quality time with his family as well as playing soccer and tennis.

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