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Exploration Consultancy

What services are included in exploration consultancy?

Our exploration consultancy services encompass a comprehensive range of activities designed to support the discovery and evaluation of mineral resources. These services include geological surveys, resource estimation, exploration strategy development, data analysis, and interpretation. We also provide support in drilling program design and implementation, as well as in the preparation of technical reports compliant with international standards.

Can you assist with permit applications for exploration?

Yes, we provide comprehensive support for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for exploration activities. Our services include preparing and submitting permit applications, conducting environmental and social impact assessments, and liaising with regulatory authorities. We ensure that all documentation meets the required standards and that our clients comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Project Management

What aspects of project management do you cover?

Our project management services cover all phases of mining projects, from initial planning to execution and closure. This includes project planning and scheduling, risk assessment and mitigation, budgeting and cost control, resource allocation, procurement and contract management, and performance monitoring. We ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Do you provide project management for both small and large projects?

Yes, we offer project management services for projects of all sizes. Whether you have a small exploration initiative or a large-scale mining operation, our experienced project managers are equipped to handle the complexities and challenges of projects at any scale. We tailor our project management approach to meet the specific needs and objectives of each project.

Do you manage international mining projects?

Yes, we have extensive experience managing mining projects in various countries and are well-versed in international regulations and standards. Our team is familiar with the challenges of working in different jurisdictions and cultural contexts, and we have the expertise to navigate complex regulatory environments. We ensure that international projects are managed effectively, with a focus on compliance, efficiency, and successful outcomes.

Environmental Compliance

Can you help with obtaining environmental permits?

Yes, we provide support in obtaining the necessary environmental permits and approvals for mining projects. This includes preparing permit applications, conducting required studies and assessments, and engaging with regulatory authorities and stakeholders. We ensure that all documentation is complete and meets regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth permitting process.

How do you conduct environmental impact assessments?

We conduct environmental impact assessments (EIAs) by systematically evaluating the potential environmental effects of mining projects. This involves collecting baseline data on the existing environmental conditions, identifying potential impacts, and assessing their significance. We also develop mitigation measures to minimize adverse effects and enhance positive outcomes. Our EIAs are prepared in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines.

What environmental compliance services do you offer?

Our environmental compliance services include conducting environmental impact assessments (EIAs), environmental monitoring, and providing regulatory compliance support. We assist clients in developing and implementing environmental management plans, conducting baseline environmental studies, and monitoring the environmental performance of mining operations. Our goal is to ensure that mining activities comply with environmental regulations and best practices.

Technical support

What technical support services do you provide?

Our technical support services include equipment selection and optimization, operational efficiency improvement, safety training, and troubleshooting support. We assist clients in selecting the right equipment for their operations, optimizing processes to enhance productivity, providing training to ensure safe and efficient operations, and resolving technical issues that may arise during mining activities..

Can you assist with troubleshooting technical issues on-site?

Yes, our team of technical experts can provide on-site support to diagnose and resolve technical issues promptly. We work closely with clients to identify the root cause of problems, develop and implement solutions, and ensure that operations are restored to optimal performance. Our troubleshooting services cover a wide range of technical challenges, from equipment malfunctions to process inefficiencies.

Training Courses

What training courses do you offer?

We offer a range of training courses in geostatistics, resource modeling, environmental management, safety practices, and other essential mining disciplines. Our courses are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of industry professionals, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their roles.

Do you offer customized training programs?

Yes, we can tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. We work closely with clients to develop customized training solutions that address their unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that the training is relevant and impactful.

Where are the training courses conducted?

Our training courses can be conducted on-site at your location or at our training facilities, depending on your preference. We also offer online training options for participants who prefer a flexible, remote learning experience. Our goal is to provide accessible and convenient training solutions for all our clients.

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